Meet our Staff

At Sinus Center Idaho our staff works as a team to give you with the best care possible.
John Boyajian, MD, FACS

Dr. John Boyajian
Fun fact:  He was honored in the Indiana Football Hall of Fame.


Rick Steinburg, PA-C , has been helping patients find relief at Sinus Center - Idaho for over 12 years.

Get to know us: Interview with our CPA, Rick Steinburg
Fun fact: His brother’s difficulties with asthma and allergies inspired his career in helping others like him.


DSC_0010Employee Spotlight: Crystal Baisch
Fun fact: She’s been runnin’ the show since for since the 2000’s!



Employee Spotlight: Michele Walton
Fun fact: Her sugar cookie skills are 2nd to none.


lanacollierEmployee Spotlight: Lana Collier
Fun Fact:  She loves to ride motorcycles but does not like chocolate.


DSC_0026Employee Spotlight: Rebecca Ortiz
Fun fact:  Chasing her awesome kids is her favorite exercise!


Laura ColeEmployee Spotlight: Laura Cole
Fun fact: She’s a long-arm quilting artist.