Allergies Symptoms

Idaho is home to panoramic mountain scenes and rolling hills, and Boise, its capital city, has been named one of the best cities for people with allergies in Idaho. For its favorable environmental conditions and below average pollen count, industry experts have listed Boise among the ideal places for allergy sufferers.

But certain weather conditions can be unforgiving, especially for those living near the fields. Plus, seasonal changes can bring with them specific allergens that attack the immune system and trigger persistent symptoms, such as sneezing, watery eyes, runny nose, and sinus headaches. The symptoms could last for days to weeks, and significantly affect the quality of your life.

Additionally, the air quality and presence of dust mites in your home can also trigger allergies and a host of nasal woes.

What makes it even more miserable for people with allergies is that their suffering hinges on the place they call home. But moving to a new location is not exactly the solution to your allergy problems, as every part of the country has certain allergens at particular times of the year. Furthermore, a city that some may find “allergy friendly” may very well be the opposite for others, depending on the allergy causes and triggers.

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