Balloon Sinuplasty

We’ve brought a new surgery technique to Idaho

Balloon sinuplasty helps some patients breathe easier

Balloon sinuplasty is sinus surgery without incisions.

A new surgical procedure now available at Sinus Center-Idaho may mean the end of blocked noses and sinuses for thousands of Idahoans who suffer from a miserable malady: chronic sinusitis.
The procedure is known as Balloon Sinuplasty, a new technology developed by Acclarent, a California medical device company. It is a minimally invasive technique that uses a flexible balloon catheter to gently widen the blocked passages of the sinus openings. The balloon technique is similar to cardiac angioplasty that is used to unclog blocked heart arteries. Balloon Sinuplasty is being hailed as the middle ground between medication and conventional surgery. It’s minimally invasive, less painful and requires no incisions — so there’s no bleeding.

Dr. Boyajian was one of the first physicians in Idaho qualified to offer this technique and has been in the private practice of ear, nose and throat care since 1977. However, in 1999, deciding to specialize in sinus care only, Sinus Center-Idaho was opened.

“I wanted to focus on highly specialized medical and surgical care for patients with nasal and sinus complaints in order to provide the absolute best care and relief. We have helped hundreds find relief already and now we’re glad to have another effective method available for our patients,” said Boyajian. “This is very good news for the sinus sufferer.”

Boyajian, in cooperation with Acclarent, is now accepting and evaluating patients who may be candidates for the Balloon Sinuplasty procedure. Interested persons may call the Sinus Center-Idaho at (208) 433-9300

Sinusitis is very common and can cause debilitating headaches, facial pain and nasal congestion. Health care experts estimate that 37 million Americans are affected by sinusitis yearly. In addition, health care workers report 33 million cases of chronic sinusitis to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention annually.