How is the smoke affecting you?

The Pioneer Fire smoke has been visibly noticeable since it began and continues to reduce air quality in the valley.  Thankfully, the air quality for the Treasure Valley has been only reduced to moderate, or yellow, meaning “unusually sensitive people should consider reducing prolonged or heavy exertion outdoors.”

Rick Steinburg, PA-C, explains why your sinuses might be having a hard time through this late summer fire season and what may help.

“Smoke is made up of a mixture benzene formaldehyde, acrelein, tiny particles/debris, and other respiratory irritants.  These particles can cause irrititation of your eyes, nose, sinuses, and respiratory tract.  This particulate matter makes it difficult for your respiratory system to remove inhaled pollen and bacteria.  Nasal saline can be helpful.  Most importantly, protect yourself by being alert to public service announcements and limiting your exposure to smoke.”

–Rick Steinburg, PA-C

Boise, ID

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