Nasal Irrigation saved our vacation!

This is me, Keri and my husband, Scott.
This is me, Keri and my husband, Scott.

My name is Keri and I help Sinus Center-Idaho manage this website in order to help people learn about the experts that run Sinus Center – Idaho and to better understand ENT care.  Because of this, I have learned a great deal about sinuses, including prevention and symptoms.  My husband is prone to sinus infection, so I have some understanding of how painful and miserable it is to have infection ruin your quality of life.   However, since he has heeded their advice, the frequency of his long, drawn-out infections has greatly reduced!   Some of this advice is SO simple.  And it saved our vacation this summer.

Our destination was McCall and we had the car fully loaded with food, luggage and paddle boards. We headed up Highway 55 very late in the day and we had allowed our 7 and 9 year old boys to play on some electronics.  About an hour into the trip, our oldest son complained of a headache and stomach ache.  Thinking he was simply nauseated from looking down, we pulled over and took a break with a walk for fresh air.

It didn’t help.  His headache was getting worse and worse.  Tylenol only brought minor relief.  He said it was worse leaning forward.   We finally realized he had a sinus infection.  It’s is a horrible feeling when your child is sick and you can’t seem to make it better. Decongestants also only minimally decreased the pain.  This was stressful.  It was the weekend, we were not near our usual doctors, and we didn’t want to have to resort to antibiotics.

The next course of action was worked like magic.   Nasal saline rinse.  Thankfully we had an expert on hand: Daddy!  One trip to the local grocery store and a little lesson on rinsing saved us from leaving the fun of Payette Lake early.  The rinse brought our boy so much relief and we were all able to enjoy our time together in McCall with family.  Sure, our son was still not at his full strength, but his pain was greatly relieved and a couple of days later (still rinsing morning and night) helped clear it out.

Not every infection is going to be as easily battled as this one was.  If you or a loved one are prone to sinus infection and saline rinses aren’t helping, call (208) 433-9300.  We care and we can help!

9 year old uses nasal saline rinse.
My 9 year old son has impressed me so much by using a nasal saline rinse all on his own. Kudos to his dad for teaching him. Thanks to Sinus Center – Idaho for passing along good advice.



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