“Good follow-up after surgery, very professional in all aspects, Great communication about my condition, treatment, options, and cost.”–Sinus Patient, 5/18/17

“Entire staff was courteous/caring/professiona, felt well taken care of, location.”– Christine Exline, 4/5/17

“Staff, Doctor, Good plan of treatment.” — Shaunna Compher, 4/6/17

“1. Dr. B’s and PA’s explanations of the problems, surgery & follow-up 2. Staff was friendly and helpful 3. I loved that I was called the day of surgery to see if I was okay and if I needed anything before the Sinus Center closed. Also Dr. B’s personal care. Actually, out of 5 surgeries it was the best experience by far. Surgery is never fun or even something I want to do but if I had to do it again I hope it would be similar to this experience.”– Chad, 3/23/17

“Dr. was very knowledgeable, surgery is making me feel better, PA was very good also.” — Suzanne Elder, 2/8/17

“Most of my life I have had headaches. Went to the Sinus Center and worked with the doctor and staff to develop plan to make it better. Ende up having surgery. Went in with a headcache and 3 hours later surgery was complete and headache was gone. My quality of life increased 10 fold in those 3 hours.” — James Krick, 2/27/17

“Location was close to home, helped remove pain in head from sinus problems, fast for all interactions.” — Jakes Krick, 2/27/17

“Loved the follow up. Great staff and caring people. I loved the calls at the end of the day making sure I was okay, my meds were working, and if I needed anything else.” — Sinus Patient, 2/21/17

“Thorough exams and explanations, friendly staff, good follow up.” — Sinus Center Patient, 4/3/17

“No waiting, friendly staff, results.” — Heath Bone, 3/30/17

“All staff are super friendly and help make all appointments and procedures comfortable! they listen to your concerns and work towards an answer you both agree on.” — Jessica Baird, 3/27/17

“Clear explanations, professional staff, easy to work with.” — Dana Holt, 6/22/17

“I’ve never had a Dr. call me so much to check on me after my surgery. It was very compassionate and made me feel like they actually cared, instead of just doing their jobs.”– Jamie Piccinini, 6/14/17

“Scheduling openings, friendly admin staff, flexible billing options.”– Sinus Center Patient, 6/12/17

“The nurse and nurse anesthetist in the OR were wonderful– Dr. B was very helpful in explaining what was wrong and how to fix it.” — Laurie Baisch, 6/1/17

“1.That everything was explained and I could see what was happening 2. Love the Dr. and staff 3. Was able to help me breathe and smell . : ) — Heidi Jo Ares, 5/31/17

“Friendly, helpful, try hard to accomodate.” — Shelia Hill, 01/30/17

“The sinus center has been a very positive experience. Every staff member is very professional and caring. All my questions and concerns were always answered.” — Kathy Johnson, 1/13/17

Dear Dr. Boyajian,
I just wanted to thank you and tell you how greateful I am to have had you for a sinus specialist and surgeon! I am feeling so much better! For my last check up, while I was waiting in the waiting room for my last post-op checkup, I realized how incredible I felt compared to the first visit I had here. It really is astounding. Every time I think of the surgery I think of how I was treated as family— you and your staff were so kind and caring! I thank God that I found you for help! I am so glad that you are able to help so many suffering people! Thank you! God Bless, sincerely, Brianna S. Brinton

What three things did you like about Sinus Center – Idaho? Variety of locations, open appointment availability, professionalism, and helpfulness of staff. –Ritah Franklin, 12/19/16

What three things did you like about Sinus Center – Idaho?
The staff was professional and willing to help in any way they can. The facility was excellent. –Dana Indez, 12/29/16

The multiple locations for visits is greatly appreciated. Finding time to take off from work was easier having a clinic in Nampa. The Staff is always up beat, friendly and recognizes patients calling them by name put patients at ease. The wait in rooms has never been long.– Brenda Garver, 12/12/16

What three things did you like about Sinus Center – Idaho? 1. Caring nature of staff 2. Skill of physician 3. Improvement in breathing  —  Susette Freeman, 12/14/16

“What three things did you like about Sinus Center- Idaho?

  • Understanding of my needs
  • Professional staff
  • Easy access”

–Cay Matt, 12/15/16

What three things did you like about Sinus Center- Idaho?
Friendly staff
Professional doctor and procedure
Easy to talk to on the phone — Tom Montgomery, 12/1/16

How well everything was explained and that they really took their time to ask questions and listened to my son.– Candice Goertz, 11/29/16

“What three things did you like about Sinus Center- Idaho?

  • Staff
  • Professional help during surgery
  • doctor

My experience was good and I felt comfortable with what needed to be done in a time I had lost hope before seeing the doctor.  “

— Janice E Keele, 11/28/16

Thorough, professional, friendly. I really like the staff and feel very comfortable here. — Rachel Lacon, 11/2/16

What three things did you like about Sinus Center – Idaho? The recommendations, treatment, doctors are understanding about my problem.– Mark Kirkdaffer, 9/22/16

What three things did you like about Sinus Center – Idaho? 1. Friendly staff 2. Professional Dr. and Procedure 3. Easy to talk to on the phone — Jay Phillips, 11/7/16

What three things did you like about Sinus Center – Idaho? Clean office, very helpful and happy staff, Dr. B and Rick are wonderful! — Ericka Archuleta, 11/10/16

Just wanted to say thank you for everything. I have not been able to breathe this well in a couple years! (or longer) : ) — Amy Wilson, 11/9/16

“I think that you already do a fantastic job. The staff are great to deal with. It’s very clean inside.” Jason Bates 8/25/16
“I think that you already do a fantastic job. The staff are great to deal with. It’s very clean inside.” Jason Bates August 25, 2016
Courteous, compassionate, caring
“Courteous, compassionate, caring.” Shelia Hill, September 12, 2016

“What 3 things do you like about Sinus Center – Idaho?  

  1. Caring Staff
  2. Not in a hurry
  3. Willing to explain and answer questions”  

Kennie Mae Gold, August 25, 2016

“What 3 things do you like about Sinus Center – Idaho?

  • I liked the staff.
  • I liked that I didn’t wait very long for an appointment.
  • I liked that the Dr. was interested in improving my symptoms quickly.”

Peggy Hollbrook, August 11, 2016

 “I’d like to say how incredibly grateful I am that I was treated like family.  Everyone listened to all my concerns and when I was having a hard time they were extremely patient and caring.  I could not have asked for a better doctor or better staff.”
Brianna Brinton
June 17, 2016

“Day before surgery I had a massive headache, just like most days.  Lasted up until surgery.  Right after surgery headache was gone and has not been back since.  Loving it.  So glad I did it.”
James Krick
June 4, 2016

“Rebecca at the front desk always has a smile on her face and is so happy.  She is a true asset to any company.  I have been in customer service my whole life and people like her are hard to find.  She makes you feel so welcome.  I enjoy going to my appointments. Dr. B is very knowledgeable and does a great job explaining all of your issues.  I was very impressed.  he also showed empathy to my problems.  Rick is very polite and caring as well.  He is also patient and takes his time with you which I love.  He is also very helpful.”
Deena Smith
July 7, 2016

“For what is was, everything went very smoothly.  I wish I hadn’t put it off as long as I did.”
Shawna Fulton
June 13, 2016

“My sinus infections would not go away. I suffered for 11 years. I didn’t know what is was like to breathe fully. I chose to see Dr. Boyajian because his specialty was sinusitis. He was thorough in his explanation of my condition and made sure all my questions were answered. I can now breathe perfectly.”
Boise, ID

“I suffered chronic stuffiness before getting help from the Sinus Center-Idaho. Dr. Boyajian moved cautiously, prescribing medications before removing the blockages through surgery. I am now able to really breathe, where I couldn’t before.”
Eric Rettig
Boise, ID

“…I had a few headaches and toothaches, but never really knew I had a problem. Your cautious and deliberate methodology to find out what had to be done was appreciated.”
Knute Blodger
Boise, ID