Congestion, facial pressure, headache…are your nose problems getting the best of you? We can pinpoint your sinus problems and recommend a course of treatment to get you relief!

Family physicians, internists, and pediatricians provide care for sinus problems, and, in most cases with a high degree of success.  But what about the patient who doesn’t respond to conservative medical treatment or who requires more aggressive intervention?  For these patients, the dedicated sinus professional provides the expertise  and necessary experience for specialized sinus treatment.

Sinus Center - Idaho is conveniently located inside St. Luke's Fruitland
Sinus Center – Idaho is conveniently located inside St. Luke’s Fruitland.


Conveniently located within St. Luke’s Fruitland
at 1210 NW 16th Street

At Sinus Center – Idaho we are more experienced– not more expensive.  Call for a consultation at 433-9300.

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